The Campaign for better hospice care in Mississauga

Hospice care is essential to building an equitable, inclusive, and interconnected health system here in Mississauga. It is a vital service that patients and families should have access to. Trillium Health Partners looks forward to continuing our work with Hospice Mississauga to improve access to care today and in the future with the building of Mississauga’s new hospice residence.

Karli Farrow, President & CEO, Trillium Health Partners

Located at 2176 Speakman Drive within Sheridan Park Corporate Centre, Hospice Mississauga’s future Hospice Centre will offer a critical new dimension to our current end-of-life care services, and for our culturally diverse community. Including:

  • 12 suits in a beautiful home-like setting
  • For families, the Centre will ease caregivers’ overwhelming responsibilities of care and enable more quality time together in those final days.
  • Staffed 24/7 by nurses, physicians, and personal support workers, the Centre will welcome any member of our community in need of end-of-life care. 
  • Expanded space for our existing and future community-based hospice programs 


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“Before my wife was able to get into hospice, most of my time was spent managing her care. When she got into a hospice residence, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders knowing she was getting the care she needed 24/7. I finally got to spend time holding her hand and being her husband again.”


* Pseudonym 

Hospice Mississauga’s future Centre and residence will provide the people of Mississauga with a beautiful space entirely dedicated to delivering compassionate, human-centered end-of-life care. It will mean fewer people have to die in a hospital — and more people can die where they choose. It will mean people can experience the dignity of peace, care, and compassion in their final days. It will mean families can receive the support they need to navigate their grief and celebrate the memory of their loved ones.

But we can’t do it alone. 

Please join us and help build the first and only hospice Centre in Mississauga. Your gift will ensure the people of Mississauga have access to comprehensive and integrated health care, through the continuum of care and at all ages and stages of life — for generations to come.