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About Hospice Mississauga

Since 1985, Hospice Mississauga has been a bridge for people in Mississauga between the uncertainty and discomfort that comes with a terminal diagnosis, and the dignity and empowerment that’s available through the expert care of our team.

We are the largest community hospice in Ontario and an accredited Centre of Excellence.

In 2022 alone our dedicated team and over 100 trained volunteers provided services to 486 palliative individuals, 589 bereaved individuals, 379 children, and 180 groups. Overall, our staff and volunteers supported 2,502 individuals through our Hospice Counselling, Caregiver Support, Help Us Understand Grief (HUUG), Social Connections, Health and Wellness, and Bereavement programs.

We envision a future where together with our partners and supporters we can lead, partner, and inspire excellent hospice palliative care in our community. When we get it right, we offer more personalized care, for a third of the cost of a hospital stay. We open the channels of communication for families. We can support children in their grief at every age and stage. We can stave off addictions, and the more serious physiological effects of adult grief by supporting it early and often.

We are all connected, and that’s never more clear than when we are at the end of our life and grasp most fully what really mattered and what really counts. That’s why we make it our mission to provide compassion, support and advocacy that lessens the distress of serious illness and loss on individuals, families, and our shared community.

“Thank you for being there at one of the most difficult times of my life. I will never forget you…”

“My mom was in denial that she had lung cancer. She was very apprehensive of hospice care because she felt like going into hospice would shorten her life even more; even my brother felt this way. He realized shortly after we enrolled in the program that it was a great decision. It brought a calming influence on a very difficult situation. I am most grateful to the team at Hospice Mississauga and the volunteers who supported us…”

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