FAQ About Our Rebrand

Why are you rebranding?

Over the past several years, our work and leadership in compassionate hospice care has evolved and the rebrand more accurately reflects who we are and our work in the Mississauga community.

Rebranding to Hospice Mississauga is a significant step forward, signaling not just a change in name but a transformation that aligns with the future direction of us building the first hospice centre in Mississauga. 

Hospice Mississauga represents the strength in our foundation of community hospice support and the future growth of our organization and services. An important step to build a brand that instills clarity, confidence, and credibility. Hospice Mississauga’s future Hospice Centre will build upon our strong community presence and improved alignment with the community it serves.

The upcoming construction of the 12-bed Hospice Centre is a pivotal development, offering a tangible space that embodies our dedication to hospice and palliative care. It’s not just a change in name; it’s a reimagination of our identity, one that’s aligned with our deep-rooted connection and service within Mississauga.

This rebranding has changed our name; but our services and commitment to the Mississauga community remain the same.

Feedback from community engagement suggested some misunderstandings/misleading concerns about the Heart House Hospice Name:

  • The connection to Hart House at UofT
  • HEART – we deal with cardiac individuals only
  • HOUSE – that we had a hospice residence

Why did you choose a willow tree for your logo?

As Ontario’s largest Community Hospice and Centre of Excellence, the rebranding efforts reflect a strategic approach to staying at the forefront of our sector. Our willow tree image is rooted in spirituality and numerous cultural traditions; an inspiring reminder to be flexible; a call to adjust to life conditions rather than fight it. It reminds us to consciously surrender to the process and not simply survive, but also thrive under some of life’s most challenging conditions. It represents strength, shelter, compassion, caring and nurturing for all.

Did my donations pay for the rebrand work?

The rebranding was predominately funded through a grant we received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

How much did it cost?

The rebranding was predominately funded through a grant we received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

There are many working parts to successfully execute a rebrand project like this. All our financial reports transparently showcase where the organization spends and invests its money to put toward the greatest need. You can find our financial reports within our Annual Impact Report on our website hospicemissississauga.ca

Most of the costs associated with the rebranding came at a time when we were due for refreshing our website and gearing up for our Capital Campaign for Mississauga’s first Hospice Centre. All the timing and cost of individual items were taken into consideration.

Our rebranding project was a strategic investment to help us better align with the work we are doing and where we do it. We intend to leverage the success of the rebrand to more effectively educate the community about the leadership role we play in hospice and palliative care across the Mississauga community and build stronger awareness of our programs and services.

For a complete understanding of our financials, please see our financial statements posted on our website hospicemississauga.ca.

Have you changed the work you’re doing? Will my donation still go towards supporting families in Mississauga?

No, our work has not changed! We still support families facing the end-of-life journey in the Mississauga community.

Our legacy of 38 years is something we are very proud of, and this evolution is a testament to our commitment to the community and the families we serve.

Our name has changed; but our services and commitment to the Mississauga community remain the same.

Did you merge with another organization? Did anyone lose their job?

No, we did not merge with another organization and no staff members have lost their job during this transition.

Will you be expanding and taking on more programs or services?

In the near future yes, we are embarking on a Capital Campaign to build Mississauga’s first Hospice Centre. With the support of staff, volunteers, community stakeholders and donors, we are embracing innovation and expanding our programming, while continuing to provide compassionate care for Mississauga’s terminally ill, their caregivers, and families.

Stay updated on our transformative journey and connect with us through our website and social media channels for more announcements and news to come, our new website is hospicemississauga.ca

I have issued the cheque in the name of “Heart House Hospice.” Are you still able to accept it?

Yes, we can accept cheques that are addressed to our old name until March 31, 2024. Please make sure to update your records with our new name. If you need additional information, I can put you in touch with our Director of Fund Development, Shelley.

If you prefer to reach out to her directly, she can be contacted at smaynard@hospicemississauga.ca or (905) 712-8119 ext. 233.

As a donor/monthly donor, I am wondering if this rebranding will have any impact on my tax receipts.

There will be no issue with donors claiming tax receipts with the “Heart House Hospice” name that were issued before November 20, 2023. They were issued legally and CRA is aware of our name change.

Monthly donors will be getting a consolidated tax receipt in February 2024 from “Hospice Mississauga”.

I just sent an email to hearthousehospice.com, now what?

All organizational emails such as info@hearthousehospice.com have been changed to info@hospicemississauga.ca. If you have sent an email to a @hearthousehospice.com address, it will be redirected to our new email addresses.”

What is your new website?

Our new website is www.hospicemississauga.ca

What about social media? I was following you when you were Heart House Hospice, how do I follow you now?

Our social media handles have changed but if you were following us before as HHH, then you will still see our posts just as Hospice Mississauga.

Our new Social Media handles:

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