Hospice is for families who choose it. It is a gentle, compassionate vessel from which you can navigate the end of life — yours, or a loved one’s — with all the support you need. It is all about focusing on quality of life and dignity in the face of a terminal illness.

Hospice Mississauga programs and services

Hospice Counselling

Our counsellors provide psychosocial and emotional support, information, education, and advocacy to enable people, their caregivers and loved ones to manage, cope and prepare for end-of-life.

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Grief & Bereavement

Support does not stop when a loved one dies; we continue to help grievers adjust to life, find healthy ways to cope, and honour their loved one.

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Social Connections

We offer regular opportunities for people living with serious illness to meet, connect and socialize with others through a variety of activities.

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Spiritual Care

Grieving is an individual experience. Our spiritual care programs take a multi-faith approach with a deep respect for diversity.

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Support for Children

Children die too. Hospice Mississauga empowers everyone of all ages with the dignity of dying well, and supports loved ones and family members through their grief.

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HUUG Program

Our HUUG program is a developmentally appropriate grief support and education program available for children in Mississauga.

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Health & Wellness

Hospice is a stage of health care that seeks to maximize life before a death. Health and wellness programs can ease suffering for people dying, their caregivers, and loved ones.

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24/7 Helpline

Your call will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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