Spiritual Care

Spirituality is how we sense our meaning and purpose and connect with hope and well-being beyond the physical world. We take a multi-faith approach with a deep respect for diversity.

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Spirituality is a natural human quality that is unique and deeply personal for each person. For some, spirituality is based in organized religion; for others spirituality is expressed through a connection to nature, the arts, relationships, meaningful work, personal values and beliefs.Spirituality supports and enhances the journey through life.

A time of illness or loss can raise many feelings such as disbelief, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, regrets, isolation and grief. Sometimes one’s foundational spirituality is shaken; questions and doubts about meaning come up; life circumstances and relationships are considered; and ethical/moral dilemmas arise. We may ask ourselves, “what is important at this point in my life journey?” Common questions may include “Why is this happening to me?” “Why is God punishing me?” “How will I be remembered?”

At Hospice Mississauga, spiritual care professionals offer a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings with the assurance of confidentiality. They are present with individuals and families in a way that invites them to find his/her own spiritual path.

Spiritual Care Services Include

  • Compassionate, respectful listening presence from spiritual care professionals and/or a specially trained Spiritual Care Volunteer.
  • A space to explore questions of spirituality, religion, meaning and personal faith.
  • Prayer, meditation and other healing rituals.
  • Connection with faith leaders in the community.
  • Celebrations of life or funeral planning and/or delivery.

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