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Hospice is a stage of health care that seeks to maximize life before a death – for those who are dying and those who are coping around the loss of a loved one. It is not a relinquishing of life or giving up.

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A difficult diagnosis affects more than just the one who is dying. Their family, their spouse, their close friends — everyone will process that information differently. The person dying can experience stress, anxiety, depression and isolation, making any pain associated with their diagnosis feel even worse. And loved ones can suffer both emotional and physical pain as they anticipate or process loss, manage their daily stress, or push through burnout associated with caregiving.

A terminal diagnosis kicks off the need for a new framing of health care for everyone involved. This is where hospice plays a significant role, by delivering customized, practical and compassionate health care, ranging from medical needs like pain management, to therapies like grief counselling, and wellness supports like legacy activities. And they’re all offered through hospice at no cost to patients, their loved ones, or caregivers.

Health and wellness programs can ease suffering

Many people living with a terminal illness experience pain. Stress, anxiety, worry, fatigue, or loneliness, can make physical pain feel worse.

Caregiver burnout is real

Giving end-of-life care to a family member can cause significant emotional and physical stress that exhausts the body and spirit.

Moderate and high-level fatigue affects palliative care nurses too

Our programs are designed to help care for every kind of caregiver. 

We offer services like reiki, therapeutic touch, art therapy, and counselling. And we facilitate support for palliative care nurses. We deliver workshops with guided meditation, restorative yoga, journaling, and music therapy to anyone needing support while in their grief journey.

Our services are delivered by qualified staff, clinicians, and our trained volunteers, all without cost to participants.

We rely on donors to thrive

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