Grief and Bereavement

Grief and bereavement is more than feeling sad, and requires self-love and community compassion. Hospice can be your guide to integrate difficult feelings, heal, and honour your loved one.

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Grief is natural and necessary following the loss of a loved one. It can feel like anger, sorrow, insecurity, anxiety, and more. It can come with mood swings, loneliness, and a loss of self-confidence. The cure for grief is to be seen and heard. We need to bear witness to each other and tell our stories in order to integrate a loss into our lives.

We encourage people to visit us in the office for bereavement counselling to begin the “work of mourning.” This is outward expressions of thoughts, feelings and memories that take a person from an “old normal” to a “new normal” and there are no rewards for speed. 

At Hospice Mississauga we understand that each griever is the expert of their unique grief experience. Foundational to all healing in grief is building a community of support while developing a self-care and self-compassion practice for overall resilience. Participating in Hospice Mississauga invites grievers to participate in programs of interest, knowing these may change at different points on the grief journey.

Residents of Mississauga grieving the death of a loved one may access Hospice Mississauga programs including: 

  • 1:1 Professional Grief Counselling
  • 1:1 Volunteer Support (Bereavement, Meditation, Journal Writing, Energy Healing)
  • 8-Week Closed Bereavement Support Groups
  • Grief Chat Circles
  • Social Walking Groups
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops
  • Health and Wellness Group Programs
  • HUUG (Help Us Understand Grief for Children & Youth)
  • Group Debriefs for Community Partners
  • Information and referral to other bereavement and community supports

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