Social Connections

We offer a weekly opportunity for individuals living with a serious illness to meet, connect and socialize with others while participating in a variety of activities.

We are all connected, and that’s never more clear than when we are at the end of our life and grasp most fully what really mattered and what really counts. People in supportive relationships are better able to cope with difficult times, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Social connectedness can also help create trust and resilience for caregivers, too. In fact, social connection may be our single greatest need after food and shelter according to The Harvard Study of Adult Development.

Our Social Connections programs can help by:

  • Offering activities and programs to meet the interests and needs of the people participating (we can even offer transportation if needed)
  • Lending a listening ear and promoting meaningful conversation
  • Reducing loneliness and isolation and improving wellbeing: physical, emotional, and mental

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