Heart House Hospice Is Now Hospice Mississauga

A New Name, A New Identity and a New Era in Palliative Care

Mississauga, Ontario, November 20, 2023 – Today, Ontario’s largest community hospice and Centre of Excellence announced it begins a new era with a new name: Hospice Mississauga. 

Hospice Mississauga replaces the 14-year old name “Heart House Hospice.” This rebranding and new website shows the commitment to compassionate care and innovation in end-of-life support in Mississauga. 

“We are proud of the momentum we’ve been feeling over recent months, and this new name, website, and willow tree visual identity symbolizes our vision for the future of Hospice Mississauga and the roots and growth it took to come this far,” said Kitrina Fex, Executive Director, Hospice Mississauga. “This is a historic first for our community — we are moving towards opening our first hospice residence while also serving in the ways we’ve always done. We want Mississaugans to know that when they need it, this is where they can go to get the compassionate support they need to die well, or grow and heal through loss.”

Hospice Mississauga’s logo is a willow tree, an image deeply rooted in spirituality and numerous cultural traditions. The willow tree symbolizes resilient strength, shelter, compassion, caring, and nurturing for all. It reminds us that in community, we are stronger together than we are alone: a single willow branch may flex, bow or break, but a bundle barely bends.

“Hospice Mississauga staff, volunteers, and leadership are excited to stand together behind our new willow tree. We feel the strength in our foundation of community hospice support and welcome future growth of our organization, programs and services,” said Judy Fountain, Board Chair of Hospice Mississauga. “This includes Hospice Mississauga’s future Hospice Centre, and we look forward to building upon our strong community presence and programs and services.”

Hospice Mississauga will continue to enrich experiences for Mississauga’s terminally ill, their caregivers and families, and make sure they get the support they need while also educating the community about the role of hospice in their lives. 

To learn more about Hospice Mississauga, its programs and services, and its ongoing capital campaign for a new 12-bed hospice residence in the City of Mississauga, please visit hospicemississauga.ca.

About Hospice Mississauga: 

Hospice Mississauga, formerly known as Heart House Hospice, is Ontario’s largest community hospice and Centre of Excellence, dedicated to transforming the end-of-life experience. It serves people and families in Mississauga by giving expert care that brings dignity, empowerment, and compassion to dying, death, and bereavement. We believe that anyone, at any age, deserves to have as much life and agency as possible until the end. Our commitment extends beyond traditional palliative care, encompassing services like reiki, therapeutic touch, art therapy, counselling, and legacy activities, all without cost to people and their families. 

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